What you don’t know can hurt you, especially on a loss that is caused by someone else!


GET EXPERT ADVICE, but not just on liability insurance.   We include contract reviews and recommendations on protections in your business agreements:


  • Indemnification clauses:  EXPERT review of your risk sharing practices.

  • Insurance Requirements:  EXPERT advice on standards for your industry.

  • Insurance Coverage:  EXPERT coverage specifications to meet your needs.


GET EXPERT ADVICE on property insurance, too:


  • Co-Insurance:  If you do not insure your Property to at least 90% of value then you are subject to this PENALTY against claims for Building, Equipment, Business Income and other Property.

  • Ordinance & Law:  If local building codes require you upgrade your Building then Replacement Cost is not enough!  Although insuring to Replacement Cost pays for new construction after loss of older building, it does NOT pay for code upgrades that can cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, e.g., updated foundation, roof and/or fire controls.



Please see our Coverage Checklist for identifying your exposures to loss.

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